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Products By MoveInSync

ETS by MoveInSync
  • Employee Transportation Software (aka ETS)
    ETS is the flagship product of MIS. The product is an effective and cost-efficient solution for office-commute. An end-to-end SaaS-based platform essentially focusing on automating the office commutes of the employees, minimizing the cost and risks of transportation, and increasing the employee satisfaction index. The software includes several features like self-scheduling, billing, security dashboard, management reports, compliance, automated routing, and tracking.
Shuttle By MoveInSync
  • Shuttle
    The product focuses on automating the office commute for the employees with sanitized shuttles. The aim is to bring down risks associated with the commute all the while increasing the employee satisfaction index. The solution comprises several features including live tracking, fixed routing, central security dashboard, compliance, and billing.
Rentlz By MoveInSync
  • Rentlz
    Rentlz is the solution with the objective of providing rental cabs for urgent and impromptu transport requirements for situations like inter-office, airport transfers, out-of-station, cab-at-disposal commutes. MIS, via Rentlz, helps in automating the complete procedure, from booking an ad-hoc cab to generating the final bills. All of this is done while ensuring audit traceability, ease of communication, and transparency.
Total By MoveInSync
  • Total
    Total by MoveInSync is a comprehensive transport service incorporating centralized billing, customer services, compliance and command center, on-ground services, fleet supply vendor management, and performance assistance. This service alongside being configurable handles everything, from the software to the staffing and finally fleet management, in order to give the organization more time to pay attention to their core activities.
WorkInSync By MoveInSync
  • Work In Sync
    The very recent and state-of-art solution provided by MoveInSync in order for organizations to be able to conveniently establish and manage hybrid workplaces along with a safe return-to-office for its employees. The solution has gotten several recognizations for its quality, performance, and customer satisfaction abilities. The service provides multiple features like employee eligibility identification, team planner, team notification console, attendance management, and centralized dashboard. WIS further branches into several microservices including:
    a. Desk and Meeting Room Booking Service
    b. Floor Plan Service
    c. Seat Booking Service
    d. Employee Scheduling Service
    e. Visitor Management Service
    f. Cafeteria Slot Booking Service, etc.

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Tools And Technologies

Tools and Technologies





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